Thursday, December 23, 2010

Job Listing - Residential Assistant

Residential Assistant
Catholic Charities Health and Human Services

Job Description
Min: $10.28 - Mdpt: $12.85

Basic Function:
Provide guidance and support to alcohol/drug dependent clients.

• Under direction, ensure that the activities of this position and relevant programs are consistent with the mission, vision and values of the Secretariat for Catholic Charities Health and Human Services and Catholic Charities Services Corporation.
• Supervise alcohol/drug dependent clients; telephone rules; client's visitors and sign-in policies; enforce curfew and quiet hour policies.
• Provide client support and guidance.
• Prepare documentation of services provided to clients.
• Operate and maintain program vehicle as instructed, if applicable.
• Administer Drug Analysis Test as needed.
• Prepare requisitions of inventory and supplies as requested.
• Assist with supervision of client medication procedures.
• Initiate start and/or end daily activities.
• Supervise clients assigned work details.
• Supervise assigned client chores and clean up.
• Supervise any medical emergencies that may arise and notify appropriate administrative staff.
• Oversee all client planned activities on shift.
• Provide client guidance and support whenever necessary.
• Inspect clients returning from appointments for sobriety and administer breath/urines as appropriate.
• Document any client incidents and/or informal counseling in residents log.
• Perform other duties as assigned or directed.
• Combination of experience and education normally represented by a High School Diploma or equivalent with one year's experience in chemical dependency treatment program.
• Must be able to form good working and therapeutic relationships.
• Must have good oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills.
• Must have good computer skills and knowledgeable in Microsoft Office.
• Experience working with a team of professional staff desirable.
• Must have a valid Ohio Driver's License with no greater than 4 points.
• Must be flexible and willing to be a team player in assisting program implementation (including shift coverage).

Experience Level: 1-3 Years

Education Level: High School/G.E.D.

Apply: http://www.careerboard.com/job/1037865-Residential-Assistant.aspx

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