Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Job Listing - Assistant Cook

Assistant Cook
Volunteers of America

Location: Cleveland, OH
Salary: Salary not Determined
Job Type: Part-Time
Travel: 0%
Date Posted: Sep 30 2010

Job Description
The Assistant Cook is responsible for assistting the Head Cook with overall preparation and serving of meals for all transitional housing residents, while maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen and cafeteria area. This includes compliance with local, state and federal standards, tracking statistical information, food orders, and menu planning and special events.

1. Meal Planning and Preparation
· Oversee the preparation of meals that are healthy and portioned controlled.
· Ensure menus are posted weekly, and are approved at least annually by a registered dietitian.
· Maintain daily meal count.
· Develop menu planning and manage adherence to the menu.
· Prepare meals for special events when necessary.

2. Food Ordering and Inventory Control

3. Follow food-ordering process to support menu.
· Maintain inventory control of food items.

4. Compliance of Health and Safety Procedures
· Maintain cleanliness of kitchen and cafeteria area per health codes; ensure daily and weekly cleaning procedures are followed as outlined in the Transitional Housing Program Operations Manual.
· Maintain a daily temperature log, reporting to the Lead Maintenance Worker or Veterans Services Manager any time the refrigerator temperature rises above 40 degrees or the freezer temperature rises above 10 degrees.
· Comply with and enforce regulations and requirements as outlined in Volunteers of America’s policies and procedures. This includes ensuring that all food service workers wear a hair net; wash hands and wear plastic gloves when handling food; and clean, prepare and store food as outlined in the Transitional Housing Program Operations Manual.

· Nutritious meals that adhere to an approved menu will be prepared and served in a sanitary, efficient and timely manner.
· The kitchen and dining room areas will be maintained to meet all applicable regulatory codes and VOA policies and procedures at all times.
· All program participants will be treated with dignity and respect.
· A positive public image for Volunteers of America will be maintained.

· Participate in meetings and required training.
· Other duties as assigned.

o Experience, Competencies and Education. A High School diploma or equivalent, with at least two years of food service experience. Ability to prepare and serve portion-controlled, nutritious meals and maintain cleanliness and inventory is essential. Veterans are encouraged to apply.
o Language Skills. Effective written and oral communication kills.

o Physical Demands. Sits, walks, and stands throughout the day. Must be able to climb up and down stairs. Must be able to lift up to 25 lbs. Must be physically able to drive.
o Work Environment: The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate. Typical cafeteria kitchen in a residential facility.

Applt at http://www.careerboard.com/job/598888-Assistant-Cook.aspx

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