Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tips for Reentry Job Seekers

  1. Remember, employers are not judging you as a person, but as a potential employee. Do not get discouraged. Be confident that a future is ahead of you. You may have to take extra steps to find employment in contrast to someone without a criminal record. These steps are the highway to freedom, employment, and empowerment. A criminal record does not define you as a person. Prove that you have work ethics, as this will define you as employable. If you work on your ethics, you will soon have a record as an employable worker.It is never wise to lie about your criminal record to an employer. 
  2. If your employment application only asks for your criminal record for the last seven years, then don't mention it if it has been longer than seven years. You will be telling the truth. However, you must report your criminal record on your application if it has been less than seven years, granted that the application only asks for the last seven years. Lying on your application or to your employer will make you unemployable. Telling the truth is what employers want--an honest, ethical worker.

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